Lea Hopp (*1992 in Berlin)

After studying in Berlin and Strasbourg, Hopp has worked in several theater and performance productions. SInce 2017 she curates events with the queer feminist Label FAM_.

In 2020 she was Dorothea Schlegel artist in residence at the cluster of excellence temporal communities: literature in a global perspective. Where she presented her film debut at Literarisches Kolloquium Berlin.
Currently she works as a videographer at Deutsche Oper Berlin and teaches at the Bauhaus University Weimar.  

Her works, characterized by filmic, photographic and performative elements, deal with the provisional, the casually commonplace and structures of play. She is interested in modes of storytelling, human bodies as moving archives and the process of identity formation. In her films and photographic work, which often contain essayistic elements, she engages with questions of social dynamics and the oppressive character of systems of signification – combining a documentary approach with explicit fictional elements.

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