Foto: Valerie Groth

FAM_ is an anarcha-feminist label working on new forms of amusement-gettogethers in night- and daily life.
FAM_ works on drafts of postpatriarchal societies celebrating amateurism and the queer art of failure.

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15.5.2020, 19.00

FAM_ presents Energy

+ Special Guests

7.3.2020, 19.00    

FAM_ presents Bubble Tea

+ Special Guests

(Lauryn Youden, Slimgirl Fat,

Chienne de Garde)

13.12.2019, 20.00

FAM_presents Vodka Cola

+ Special Guests

(Camel_T:O, Sarra,

Kimberly Clark)

Grüner Salon


am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz


FAM_ is part of
BLUE SKIES - Body in Trouble

at PACT Zollverein, Essen