Candy Crush

Performance on 25.01.2020

at Faster Gallery,

Oppelnerstr. 33, Berlin

Thank you Koa Koppenhöfer

With Candy Crush, the most popular game for mobile phones of all times was transformed into a real world performance.
The visitor sees a performer crouching on a disproportionately large smartphone screen and smashing candy with a hammer as it falls out of a dispenser mounted on one end of the screen. Smashed candy floods the surface of the screen until, shooting out in all directions from the hammer blows, it covers the entire floor of the performance space – an immense display of wasted sweets. Observing the violent effort necessary to crush the candy is hardly reminiscent of the highly addictive on-screen game. Perhaps it is more the pleasure of one takes in destroying things that comes to the viewer’s mind while watching the extremely loud, repetitive hammering.