Performance with Olga Hohmann, Lea Hopp, Lukas Kesler
5.6.2020, Galerie Anton Janizewski

The artists Olga Hohmann, Lea Hopp and Lukas Kesler "open the season" with a text-based installation that has neither beginning nor end.
The Short Stories that appear, disappear and reappear seem at first glance to be incoherent observations. At second glance, however, they reveal almost uncanny connections - which, likewise, seem to dissolve again upon extended listening.
In this way they mark the current threshold situation between isolation and a re-emerging public: only small groups are allowed to enter the room. At first glance, everything seems to be as it was before the isolation - but beneath the mundaneness slumbers the commitment of the invisible. The texts also deal with the breaking of the state of emergency into apparent normality - as well as with the self-evident in the exception.
The framework for the spoken text installation is formed by a Tableau Vivant, which also refers to questions of the public sphere and the reversal of inside and outside. The three-hour moving image, which can only be viewed in rotation, is positioned between a sport exercise and a nerdy leisure activity.

Photos: Amelie Kahn-Ackermann
Video: Cajus Kesler
blue & yellow Costumes: TRUONGII